Extreme Heritage Management

The Practices and Policies of Densely Populated Islands
Godfrey Baldacchino, editor
Non-Fiction, 320 pages, 60 illustrations and tables, bibliog., index, Hardcover
Extreme Heritage Management
Conflicting and competing claims over the actual and imaged use of land and seascapes are exacerbated on islands with high population density. The management of culture and heritage is particularly tested in island environments where space is finite and the population struggles to preserve cultural and natural assets in the face of the demands of high tourism, capital investment, the construction industry, and immigration.

Drawn from extreme island scenarios, the ten case studies in this volume review practices and policies for effective heritage management and offer rich descriptive and analytical material about land-use conflict. In addition, they point to interesting new directions in which research, public policy and heritage management intersect.

The ten case studies are:
Chapter 1: Prince Edward Island, Canada by Karen E. Lips
Chapter 2: Malta by M. Camilleri, M. Hill, J.M Conti, R. Attard, D. Stevens, M.T. Gambin and R. Galea
Chapter 3: Guernsey, Channel Islands by Heather Sebire and Charles David
Chapter 4: Jersey, Channel Islands by John Renouf and Tim A. du Feu
Chapter 5: Corsica, France by J-M Furt, M-A Maupertuis and D. Prunetti
Chapter 6: Favignana, Italy by Eleanora Cassinelli
Chapter 7: Hawaii, USA by Luciana Minerbi
Chapter 8: Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands by I.J. Taafaki, C. McClennen, F.R. Thomas and J. Bungitak
Chapter 9: The Bahamas by Heather Cover and Nicola Virgill
Chapter 10: San Andres Island, Colombia by Marion Howard and Elizabeth Taylor

This book is highly topical. It brings into sharp focus one of the pressing problems of our times: the growing tension between finite land/space, especially on islands, and the mounting pressure generated by increasing population growth, tourism, and global warming.”
Jeremy Boissevain, University of Amsterdam

“. . . it ofers a broad and updated account of critical issues concerning 21st century heritage management.”
Maria Kousis, University of Crete

This book is co-published with Berghahn Books of New York, and Oxford as part of its Space and Place series.
ISBN: 978-0-85745-259-7