Submission Guidelines

Island Studies Press has been publishing Island stories for over thirty-five years. Our mandate is to publish books that speak to the culture, environment, and economy of Prince Edward Island. Our focus is adult non-fiction, both academic and trade, though we also publish the occasional poetry title. As a small regional press, we only publish 2-4 titles a year. Writers are asked to familiarize themselves with existing Island Studies Press titles to ensure our press is a good fit before making a submission.


Please send an outline, along with the full manuscript OR three sample chapters. In your cover letter, please list any past publication credits/awards, why you are uniquely suited to write this book, and the potential audience and markets for the book.


Please send the entire manuscript (no more than 80 pages) along with a cover letter listing any past publication credits/awards.

Please include with your submission:

  1. A cover letter with your contact information (mailing address, phone number, email), any past publication credits or awards, and a brief description of your manuscript. If this is a simultaneous submission please note this in your cover letter and let us know immediately if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
  2. Either a sample or the full manuscript. Please double-space non-fiction. Poetry may be single spaced.

Please email submissions to

We are unable to provide feedback on manuscripts that are not accepted for publication. Please be patient as it may take up to six months for a reply, as our publications committee meets twice a year.