Frank Jadis: A Mi’kmaq from the John Jadis Clan

Frank Jadis was Chief of Lennox Island, P.E.I. for six years: from 1948-52, and from 1962-1964. During that time he lobbied for many improvements for Lennox Island, including the construction of a new school, the Sisters of St.Martha’s convent, water lines, and the causeway. He recorded statistics for St. Anne’s Church on Lennox Island, and established ferry services to the Island.
Frank Jadis was a descendant of the John Jadis clan in Nova Scotia. The Mi’kmaq Jadis family have survived 187 years of change, from 1830 to the present day. Their ancestors were resilient and proud to continue Mi’kmaq heritage by practicing ceremonies and respecting traditional beliefs. The Frank Jadis family, are proud to be leaders, carriers of cultural knowledge and talented people who are gifted in maintaining their language, producing porcupine quill work and centuries of making black ash baskets. They continue to incorporate Mi’kmaq motif in traditional regalia, quill work and art. This book serves to pass on Mi’kmaq heritage to future generations.

Printed in color, this book features archival photos of the Jadis family from the early 1900s, concluding with family portrait gallery of the Jadis descendants today. Also recorded are several genealogies: Jadis genealogy, Frank Jadis genealogy, Mary Jane Thomas genealogy, Marry (Morris) Thomas genealogy, Maloney genealogy (NS) and Snake Peters genealogy.

ISBN 978-1-988370-02-6
8 x 10.5, 106 pages full color, perfect bound