Island Studies Series

This is a series of short monographs dealing with aspects of culture and environment of Prince Edward Island.

The North Atlantic Fisheries: Successes, Failures, & Challenges

The North Atlantic fisheries are in crisis. How did this come about, and what is to be done? This book examines five cold water islands – Prince Edward Island, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, and the Faroe Islands – which have fishing as a main industry, and the consequences of that industry.

Competing Strategies of Socio-Economic Development for Small Islands.

Competing Strategies outlines development strategies for small islands within increasingly integrated regional and global economies. Islands provide intriguing lessons in the culture, economics, and management of a sustainable patter of development based on locally proven, home-grown “good sense,” far removed from continental “best practices.”

Lessons from the Political Economy of Small Islands

This book focuses on the experience of six North Atlantic, cold-water islands boasting distinct constitutional arrangements. These range from full sovereignty (Iceland), to federation (Prince Edward Island; Newfoundland and Labrador) to federacy or home rule status (Faroe Islands; Isle of Man; Aland Islands). It explores how different constitutional, political and cultural features of these islands are deployed in strategic economic thinking and planning, leading these jurisdictions to craft a real ‘political economy’.