Saltwater Road

Tales of Travel on the Northumberland Strait
by Marian Bruce
Non-Fiction, 144 Pages with sepia tone images throughout, soft cover

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Featuring vintage and contemporary photos, Saltwater Road is a story about neighbours divided by, and connected by, water — the eastern Northumberland Strait between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island — and about the often-heroic efforts made to maintain that waterborne connection.

Many of the people in this book are, in fact, unsung heroes — from the brave iceboat crews of the eighteenth century to the businessmen who overcame great obstacles to start the modern ferry service, to the employees who have kept it running for more than seven decades.

You will also meet a few villains, some eccentric characters and dozens of ordinary, hard-working people who tell tales laced with romance, tragedy, hardship, love determination, the supernatural and laugh-out-loud humour.

Author Marian Bruce has had a lifelong love affair with the Woods Islands-Caribou ferries and the Northumberland Strait. Her previous books include Remembering Old Dan: Farm Horses and People of Prince Edward Island, and Making It Home, the memoir of Angus MacLean. For Island Studies Press, she has authored Pets, Professors and Politicians, The Founding and Early Years of the Atlantic Veterinary College, A Century of Excellence, Prince of Wales College 1860-1969, and co-authored Working Together, Two Centuries of Cooperation on Prince Edward Island.

Published by the Wood Islands Development Corporation
ISBN: 978-9737556-5-7
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